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One Piece 14. Sezon 538. Bölüm

The Straw Hats Defeated!? Hordy Gains Control of the Ryugu Palace!


580 - A Battle in the Heat! Luffy vs. The Giant Dragon!

579 - Arriving! A Burning Island - Punk Hazard!

578 - Z's Ambition! Luffy vs. Shuzo!

577 - Z's Ambition! A Great and Desperate Escape Plan!

576 - Z's Ambition! A Dark and Powerful Army!

575 - Z's Ambition! Lily the Little Giant!

574 - To the New World! Heading for the Ultimate Sea!

573 - Finally Time to Go! Goodbye, Fish-Man Island!

572 - Many Problems Lie Ahead! A Trap Awaiting in the New World!

571 - She Loves Sweets! Big Mam of the Four Emperors!

570 - The Straw Hats Stunned! The New Fleet Admiral of the Navy!

569 - The Secret Revealed! The Truth About the Ancient Weapon!

568 - To the Future! The Path to the Sun!

567 - Stop, Noah! Desperate Elephant Gantling!

566 - Coming to an End! The Final Decisive Battle Against Hordy

565 - Luffy`s All-out Attack! Red Hawk Blasts!

564 - Back to Zero! Ernest Wishes for Luffy!

563 - A Shocking Fact! The True Identity of Hordy!

562 - Luffy Loses the Fight?! Hordy's Long Awaited Revenge!

561 - A Massive Confused Fight! The Straw Hats vs. The New Fish-Man Pirates!

560 - The Battle Begins! Luffy Vs. Hody!

559 - Hurry Up, Luffy! Shirahoshi`s Desperate Situation

558 - Noah Approaches! The Crisis of Fishman Island's Destruction!

557 - Iron Pirates! General Franky Appears

556 - Unveiled! The Secret Weapons of the Sunny!

555 - Deadly Attacks One After Another! Zoro and Sanji Join The Battle!

554 - A Great Clash! The Straw Hat Crew vs. 100,000 Enemies

553 - Shirahoshi's Tears! Luffy Finally Shows Up!

552 - Surprising Confession! The Truth Behind the Assassination of Otohime!

551 - The Battle is on! At Conchcorde Plaza!

550 - Something Has Happened to Hordy! The True Power of the Evil Drug!

549 - A Rift Opens Up! Luffy vs. Jimbei!

548 - The Kingdom in Shock! An Order to Execute Neptune Issued!

547 - Back to the Present! Hordy Makes a Move!

546 - A Sudden Tragedy! A Gunshot Shuts Down the Future!

545 - Shaking Fish-Man Island! A Celestial Dragon Drifts In!

544 - The Sun Pirates Split! Jimbei vs. Arlong!

543 - The Death of the Hero! A Shocking Truth of Tiger!

542 - Team Formation! Save Chopper

541 - Kizaru Appears! A Trap To Catch Tiger!

540 - A Hero Who Freed The Slaves! An Adventurer Tiger!

539 - The Haunting Ties! Nami And The Fish-Man Pirates! The Resurrected Destiny! Nami and the Fishman Pirate Crew!

538 - The Straw Hats Defeated!? Hordy Gains Control of the Ryugu Palace!

537 - Keep Shirahoshi Safe! Decken Close Behind!

536 - The Ryugu Palace fight! Zoro vs Hordy!

535 - Hordy's Onslaught! The Retaliatory Plan Set Into Motion!

534 - It's The Ryugu Palace in Shock! The Kidnapping Of Shirahoshi!

533 - It's An Emergency! The Ryugu Palace Is Occupied!

532 - A Coward and a Crybaby! The Princess in the Hard Shell Tower!

531 - Ryugu Palace! Taken by the Shark that They Saved!

530 - The King of the Fish-Man Island! Neptune, the God of the Sea!

529 - The Fish-Man Island Will Be Annihilated?! Sharley's Prophecy!

528 - Excitement Blow-out! Sanji's Life Under Threat!

527 - Landing at the Fish-Man Island! Beautiful Mermaids!

526 - Undersea Volcanic Eruption! Drifting to the Fish-Man Island!

525 - Lost in the Deep Sea! The Straw Hats Get Separated!

524 - Deadly Combat under the Sea! The Demon of the Ocean Strikes!

523 - A Suprising Fact! The Man Who Guarded the Sunny!